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About a week ago on March 13, we had reported that Park Shi Hoo and “A” who claimed that Park Shi Hoo raped her took a lie-detector test. Well, the results have finally been revealed and they are quite shocking. The results of Park Shi Hoo’s test are that he lied on all of the questions asked! WOW! A representative of the police department that ran the lie-detector test made a statement on March 22. He stated, “During the investigations with the lie-detector test, all of the answers that Park Shi Hoo gave were shown to be lies. We do not know what the questions were because a different government department asked them. Also, the lie-detector results are only supplementary information.” According to another news source, another representative of the police department stated, “It is unlikely that Park Shi Hoo will be acquitted with this case. After the investigations end, he will be transferred to the prosecutor’s office. Currently, it is even possible to issue a warrant.” For those of you who haven’t been following the news regarding Park Shi Hoo, currently “A” is claiming that she was raped by Park Shi Hoo on February 14.” Park Shi Hoo has denied these allegations.
wish that this messy fight be over sooner . PSH please win this fight
yep they need to get facts straight writing liar acrossed his forhead should be another case of lawsuite
I read where this information is false and the news source has retracted it.
I read where the police said, "the results have not released due that it is on going case
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