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Finally inside the venue outta the cold lining up after picking up merch and our signed poster! Brr was it cold out! *shivers* So worth it though! We were SOO MUCH closer than it looked from the seating map that I almost cried. See that girl the yellow arrow is pointing to? That's Blanca, one of my Epik Sisters that my sister and I met at the Epik High concert, that was lucky enough to score PIT tickets. P.O and Taeil grabbed her hand during the concert and Zico threw water on her and the girls she was sitting with!! So jealous I wasn't up there with her this time. And that's me and my sister Chrissy!
This was the only picture I could get. They were SUPER strict with the no camera policy. I even got talked to by a staff. My ninja skills were sadly lacking this time. T~T One girl infront of us even had to delete a video while the staff watched her do it! They weren't playing around this time. BUT to be honest I didn't even mind because I was having so much fun! It was seriously rockin! If you had a chance to go but didn't you missed out! U-Kwon was killing me with the constant body rolls! That guy can NOT just stand still.. and I loved it! ** OhMyGosh I nearly forgot** Jaehyo was hurt! He sat on a stool for basically the whole concert. Poor thing didn't look happy about it either... Only time he really smiled was when they talked to us and towards the end when he got to get up for a slow song and walk around and sing with the rest of the members. But he did do all the motions to the dances while he sat which was cute. *Does anyone know what happened to him? Please tell me!* They sang all my favorites and 'Be the light', my absolute favorite, was the closer! Zico sang a solo (name escapes me right now) and Bastarz did 'Zero for Conduct' and 'Charles Chaplin'! Amazing Amazing night!
This is from our hotel room that faces the back of the venue. Those are Block-B's vans! I noticed them early in the day and I was like 'I bet those are their vans' to my sister because they look like the vans idols typically use over in Korea to get around. And I was right! Super blurry cause I'm so far away. The first two are the boys loading up and last two zooming off to the airport. It was too cold out there or I would've run my butt back over to see them off. *Chrissy was leaning on her wrist while we were waiting looking out the window and noticed this after! The ink rubbed off her band onto her face! LOL A perfect transfer of #BlockB on her face!!!
Chissy modeling our merch and the SIGNED POSTER!! This baby is getting framed when we get home. And the fan signs! Well that's all bunnies! I'm sorry I couldn't get more pictures for everyone that couldn't make it. T_T Hopefully someone who didn't get yelled at will post a fan cam. Later loves this girl is tired and going to bed shortly, we've a long drive back to St. Lou in the morning.. more motion sickness yay!.. *waves hands around sarcastically*
@namjoonswife he performed okey dokey??? You guys are lucky beans man lol
I was there tonight too! The song Zico performed was okey dokey oh heh
Ahh I was there too!! and they seriously weren't kidding about taking pictures and videos...I saw a staff talking to three girls and they had to delete their picture/video...I feel so bad for Jaehyo, he is my bias and seeing him injured, I was worried...I actually got wayer on me by U-Kwon's water bottle XD awesome experience lol...but no lie U-Kwon was such a tease with those body rolls 💖 Have a safe trip back home 😄
@ButterflyBandit I wasn't going to either but freaking U-Kwon was just tempting me too much! I couldn't resist and it was like as soon as I took it out and got a pic a staff was there. They were walking up and down the aisle by us like every few minutes because so many kept doing it. But yeah they were definitely not kidding this time and enforced it too.
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