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So I'm just bored and what not. So these are some random things I've been thinking about lately... Regarding Naruto. Haha
First is this. Kakashi as sixth Hokage. Who was his right hand man? We didn't see enough into the life of Kakashi as Hokage but was it Shikamaru??!!?
Konohamaru. I would have loved to have seen more of him as a Jonin teaching Genin. I love that he was in Boruto: Naruto the Movie and you get to see a bit of him but I wanted to see more of him with Boruto; Naruto and Hinata's child, Sarada; Sasuke and Sakura's child, and Mitsuki; child of Orochimaru. It was literally, the new team 7 and probably the next generations finest/ Sannin.
The fact that we never got to see Naruto be a Genin teacher at all and train kids from the academy is terrible. We saw him training kids for less than a minute in Naruto The Last but I was always hoping to see him be a teacher and have a team of 3 of his own.
Shikamaru has ALWAYS been my most favorite Naruto character since the first time he was introduced. He was a lazy genius with an IQ of over 200. He hated hard labor and missions but he was assigned to the Jonin rank before anyone in his class. He even said himself, "Naruto makes me want to follow him". He believes in and trust Naruto with his life. So much so that he becomes Naruto, aka, Lord Sevenths right hand man. Shikamaru balances out the child in Naruto-Kun and makes sure he does his work. Shikamaru is literally what Lady Shizune was for Lord Fifth Tsunade. My question being, has Shikamaru been the go to guy for the past 3 hokages??! Pretty sure he has.
We are in filler now. Jiraiya's first novel to be exact that he wrote about Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan. Which Jiraiya changed the main characters name to Naruto. It's been very emotional watching this seeing as the present is completely different. Naruto's parents being alive, Jiraiya being alive and what not. Jiraiya believed in Nagato so much he was inspired to write this novel and the name Naruto came to him in a second when eating ramen. Seeing Minato alive and well is awesome amd I only wish this filler would have some Kushina action too. I want more of them before Naruto Shippuden is completely over.
Sorry for the rambling... I just have a lot of random thoughts. Haha. Lemme know what you guys think! (:
Two things I forgot.... One being, Naruto Gaiden... This filler/backstory was fucking phnominal! I'm crossing my heart, hoping to die that they do make this into anime.... I mean he's gotta drag out every story he can before it all ends..... 😰😭
I just want the ending to be everything it can be... When the series ends, and everything is done and finalized... Every episode, every issue, every movie, and every special... It doesn't matter who you are now... I haven't been with Naruto since the beginning like a lot of people have.. But in the few short months I've known him, he will forever and always be my hero no matter the right or wrongs he pulls. ❤️❤️