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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Aliez by Sawano Hiroyuki (Aldnoah Zero)

An amazing song for an epic anime! I actually heard this song before I watched the anime and I started watching it BECAUSE of this song. Another great anime song by Sawano with lots of German and epic-ness! Mika Kobayashi is the one singing and she nailed it. So much passion and it matches perfectly to Sawano's style.
I actually made an "Anime to Watch" card for Aldnoah.Zero but it was one of my first cards so it is not even close to the cards I make nowadays but if you want to know what you're getting into read the card for an idea of what the anime is because God knows my earlier cards were horrendous.
Here's an English cover by AmaLee. Normally I don't really like English covers but this song is so good and AmaLee did an amazing job with this cover. Still sounds epic that's for sure and her voice even sounds kinda similar which is awesome!

I do think Aldnoah.Zero deserve more of attention so check the anime. It has lots of mech battles, a solid story and two seasons to keep you busy for a while!

Close your eyes and listen~

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the music is great, half is like Fate/zero and the other is techy/poppy, it's great. I think to anyone amazed by Fate/zero from the start is sure to get just the same impression from this one, and only two episodes in! It's crazy!
@rosepark exactly ive watched it subbed already ;p but i loved the show enough to rewatch it dubbed !
aldnoah is awesome subbed and dubbed i recently rewatched the first half in english and was disappointed they hadnt done the second season yet !
@TomStalcup You mean the S2 dubbed version right? xD for subed is out there!