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Nabi pushed on against the wind of fall the chill blowing strait through her. She had gotten off work not to long ago and was determined to have a talk with him. The sun was already starting to set the days getting shorter now. She made it to the door of his apartment as the sun was sinking below the horizon and the cold was clinging to everything. Pounding hard on the door she really hoped he was there because the cold was making her figit. “Who the hell is it? I was sleeping ya know!” “Yoongi-ah open the door please its cold as hell out here.” The door opened and a half asleep Yoongi was glaring at her. He stepped aside so she could come inside. “Be glad it’s you I wouldn’t even sacrifice sleep for the guys.” “You’re a life saver as soon as the sun went down it got worse.” “Why are you even on this side of town you live on the other side.” “I wanted to see you….last time didn’t really end well.” “Lets not talk about that.” He was very mater of fact about it. He went over to the couch moving a blanket from where he was napping and sitting down. Yoongi looked at her like she was an idiot for still standing there at the door. Nabi quickly took off her shoes and went over to the couch sitting some distance from her. “Come here stupid I can feel the cold off you from here.” Yoongi pulled her close to him wrapping the blanket around them making her tense up. “Calm down I just don’t want you getting sick. You should wear a thicker jacket stupid.” Nabi just put her head down sinking under the blanket, his smell filled her nose and she blushed a little realizing just how close they were. No she can’t betray Kookie, she can’t do anything to reduce his chance of having the guy he loves. The guy he takes beatings for at school. “You know Kookie as been getting bullied at school lately. He looked pretty beat up last I saw him. Maybe you should meet with him and comfort him like this.” She hoped it was subtle enough to not give to much away. She could feel his muscles tense up with anger at the thought of Kookie being hurt. “I’ll kick all their asses how dare they hurt my little bro and over what? I bet it’s some stupid shit cause Kookie is smarter and more handsome than any of them.” Nabi held her tongue afraid to tell him the real reason. Kookie should be the one to tell him not her. It wasn’t her place to open that can of worms especially since Kookie couldn’t defend himself right now. She wondered how well Yoongi would take hearing Kookie say those things to him. “What if someone was in love with you. Like someone who you wouldn’t think of usually someone that others would down on you for being with.” “You mean like you because you’re a foreigner.” “No not me stupid.” ‘Yes me too' “Well….I guess I’d try to be opened minded and not judge them but I have a sharp tongue and I won’t hesitate to tell them if I don’t feel the same I don’t sugar coat anything.”
Lovely Nabi is my favorite story! I love your writing! ❤😊
Thank you a lot of times I'm just all this makes no sense because I'm jumping around and skipping days. Things are going to progressively get more intense.
@SeventeenBias should I put you on the tag list?
@SarahHawkins Omg yes please! Can't wait for the next part. O(≧▽≦)O
Well shit. Then that conversation won't end well...