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This story is set in the distance future where video games are taken to the next level. There is no controller or even a screen to look on, what people use is a helmet that allows you to go inside a game has if your really in the game. The story founds Kirito who is one of the best gamers. One day they have this new game coming out called Sword Art Online and of course he has to get it. Well he and some others get to play like a test run of the game and in the process he make it to higher levels then most people. When the game is released he goes and gets the real game, however there's a twist in this game. when a player tries to logout there is no logout, no one can sign off. Then the creator of the game appears and says the only way to get out of here is to win the game(which there are 100 levels you got to bet). p.s wondering who Asuna well watch the series to find out