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Got7 Dating Doors~!
Good morning! I would DEFINITELY start my day off with a dating door: yes, a dating door. For those of you who doesn't know what they are, it's a fun game where you pick your picture, and comment who you think it is. If you guess it right, you win a (not-so-cool) prize! Let's begin! Pick a bouquet! Which bouquet will you take your Oppa and walk down the aisle with?
First off: this bouquet!
Next: this bouquet!
Thirdly: this bucket/bouquet
Fourth: this bucket of roses!
And lastly, this one!
Comment your favorite bouquet number and answer which member you think it belongs to! Prizes? An order-made special card! 3 out of the first 7 people who answers them right will have a chance to request! (Raffle)
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