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Season two confirmed! And my thoughts exactly, SkyFall. "Bruh." I'm excited it's coming out, though! While there were a few predictable things with season one, it was still enjoyable ^.^ Except for the certain few times where the main characters were somewhat very douchey to a certain other character. *cough, cough* But Anywho, worth watching! I'd rate it a 7/10, and especially since there's a season two coming out, you have a little over a year to catch up before it's released!
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yay! I love that anime! I was just so into it, I wasn't able to get enough and I definitely got into games more because of them
anybody got a time machine
this is the beet news I've heard all day or week or month!!!!
can't wait been waiting for season 2 for a long time
can't be true... God I hope it's true