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The Place Beyond The Pines - Official Trailer #2

In cinemas April 12 2013 Cast: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Ray Liotta, Rose Byrne, Mahershala Ali, Dane DeHaan, Emory Cohen, Ben Mendelsohn Plot: The Place Beyond the Pines is the new movie from the director of Blue Valentine. Luke (Ryan Gosling) is a motorcycle performer. While passing through Schenectady, NY, he learns that a former lover, Romina (Eva Mendes), has given birth to their son Jason. Luke decides to give up life on the road to try and provide for his newfound family. His employer Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) proposes to partner in a string of bank robberies -- which will place Luke on the radar of ambitious rookie cop Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper). Avery, who has to navigate a police department ruled by corrupt detective Deluca (Ray Liotta), is also struggling to balance life with his wife Jennifer (Rose Byrne) and their infant son AJ. The consequences of Avery's confrontation with Luke reverberate into the next generation, when the two sons, Jason (Dane DeHaan) and AJ (Emory Cohen), must face their fateful, shared legacy.
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Thank you! @ugsi I'll be waiting for the movie, because it looks to be very interesting!
@jimilyvp I agree with you,it realy has much action and it realy seems good,I will post the link for the movie when it will be out online HD
YO tampoco puedo esperar!!! se ve q va a estar super buena y con mucha acciรณn!!!!
I can;t wait for this movie!
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