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My Age!!!
Thankyou to the people who guessed my age~ It is fun to get a glimpse of how people see me. but I will tell you my age right now~
My age is...........15 (in a half)!!!!! turning 16 in January ~^^ Thankyou you all for guessing and liking the My age game card! @ARMYStarlight @KeziahWright @jessicalnichols @Baekyeol27 (Btw my new hair cut^)
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@Rhia I'm confused now. I don't even know. should I call you both? oppa? unnie? ehhh?????
2 years ago·Reply
@JayaBlush can call me whatever you want~ if you want me to be oppa that's okay! and unnie is fine too^^
2 years ago·Reply
You are so cute! I love the hair, I wish I could pull it off lol
2 years ago·Reply
@BaekYeolBaby thankyou! ! I just got it cut today~
2 years ago·Reply
omg suga this why I love him sobfull of joy when he isn't sleeping and he looks like woozi from seventeen even I hope called him that but sugar turned around a cursed at him
2 years ago·Reply