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It's day 13 of the Fairy Tail challenge! Today's prompt is least favorite story arc!
Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate. Remember to tag me so I can see your cards!
When making my choice I decided to exclude the filler arcs as that would be too easy to choose. That being said, I don't think any of the canon arcs are bad by any means, I'm just going to rant about one I didn't particularly like. Lol
So my choice is the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc. This is where Laxus gets Fried to lay runes all over the city that forces the Fairy Tail members to fight each other. The reasons I don't like this arc is because it forced a lot of wizards to be defeated for no good reason. Lol Erza and the other contestants for miss Fairy Tail were turned to stone for most of it and other powerful members like Gray and Juvia were taken out cuz plot. Lol. Also, Laxus way too big of a douche for my liking, he wasn't evil he just a asshole. Lol. I like Laxus better now, but at the time I very much disliked him.
However, this arc still has great moments. Lucy vs Bickslow was great and we got to see Mirajane's Satan Soul for the first time.
Thanks for reading my card! Remember to tell me your thoughts and what your least favorite arc is in the comments below. Have a great day! Ja ne
I liked that, I might have to say the Alternate-Constellations arc (I dunno the actual name, but the one where the celestial spirits go crazy and change...) anyway, it felt kinda disjointed; and I didn't like how they all turned on everyone and their personalities changed. I love them just as they are.
😒Oi, oi oi!🙎What's with all of these 🐎unicorns and 🌈rainbows? 💩I'm still waiting for ⚡Laxus to take over Fairy Tail! 💪@Laxus You should add someone like 🌓Mystogan to the ☀Raijinshuu and beat up 🔥Natsu and 🔪Erza first. 👿That way you can use a better takeover than 😏Mirajane! A 🐲GUILD takeover! 😂Mwa ha haaaa!
see *hugs both
*grabs hand and gives a tiny zap⚡* see? we can all be friends here! don't you just feel so much better? I know I do! Lol
I'm cool ✋ *extends hand*
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