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1. Bitto (chubby cheeks, black hair.....LOVE HIM) 2. Wooshin (looks like a cinnabun but could kill you........really!) 3. Hwanhee (don't even get me started on him....) 4. Jinhoo (gorgeous face, blondish hair) 5. Xiao (I cant.......) 6. Kyujin (BABY!!!!!) 7. Sunyoul (He is so precious) 8. Wei (Bruh!! He was given a Chinese stage name and he can't even pronounce it correctly ) 9. Kogyeol (Puppy of the Group ) 10. Kuhn (Co-leader-nim) BTW: Bitto and Wooshin are mine....yall can't have them. You are gonna have to fight me for them. And the pictures are my Up10tion bias list at the moment.
*gasps in Korean* I feels offended heh(kidding) Bitto is my bias and sunyoul heh
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Bit-to and Wei are my biases also Kuhn so pretty much the whole "rapper line "
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