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So I decided to introduce you all to this new ballad band that I discovered while I was exploring new music and I happen to Love their music sooo much. I was like I had to share their music with you all . Hopefully you all will love their music as much as I do as Well.
Hheart B is a ballad boy band, the group name stands for "heart" and "ballad. This band consists of four members Jin Wook ,Position: Vocal, Chan Young (N/A)
Position: Vocal Dojin (Lee Do Jin)Position: Leader, Vocal. Byul Ha (N/A)
Position: Vocal, Maknae
So lets start with their recent MV Heart B (You Are Beautiful)
This MV was released 2 months ago and and I actually never heard this song before and accidentally hearing this song I love it sooo much.
Hopefully you all will love this song as much as I do
Heart B ( Do You Remember)
This song is a bit sad but definitely sad but a quite perfect ballad track in its own way
I am not good at reviewing at all but I definitely love this one too.
Heart B (You are beautiful) Acoustic Version
this is soooo cuttte I especially love this one sooo much I love ballad music so sad there aren't many kpop ballad bands out thr. But these boys amaze me I just love their music sooo much. If you already know about them check them out once again and forgive me as I am only just fnding out about them but I love them.
Heart B Members Profile
I love these boys and their music what do u all think ?
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really like them now, thanks for sharing them!
I love this group. They caught my eye when yhey debuted earlier this year. Yay spread the love! I really want this group to get some more recognition. Ballad groups are soo underrated.
@BluBear07 yes I agree as soon as I heard these cuties I was like I had to share them with my vingle family and I am glad I got such a lovely response Thankyou everyone and thankyou to u 2 They r incredible HeartB fightingggg !!! :)
ballads are definitely different from what I usually listen to and I'm totally welcoming this change!! ^_^
Omg yas!! Thank you!!