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Hey guys sup this is kalyan I wanted to share this news with you guys goku has a rival "saitama". There's Goku the strongest saiyan warrior on his planet with his famous rival Vegeta. Goku has 7 forms of super saiyen including his 4th form. Goku was able to overcome his obstacles and destroy every enemy in his path. Goku was always nice to his opponents even if they were pure evil, but Goku never gave someone the chance to destroy the earth or kill one of his friends while he was there. He is an amazing fighter with his special technique the Kame-Hame-Ha. But Goku is up against someone equal or incredibly stronger named Saitama (one-punch-man). How do you feel about this do you think saitama can defeat goku let me know in the comments section below. Until then bye guys.
@KalyanMadoori we dont know maybe saitama has transformation 2.. 10x as strong as he is now + super serius
@KalyanMadoori im sorry but no one can change my mind about this because no one knows saitama full power since he is always half assing every battle
goku can fly and it takes energy on how fast u can go... however, saitama got sent out of the moon and jump back like it was nothing and it only take him seconds to get bck i guess... so saitama's physical body and strenght's above all...
but on another note have you seen saitama vs vegeta manga yet?
im sry idc if saitama only ever used 1% of his power he couldn't stand in goku's shadow at fulllll power just doesn't happen maybe if u could train in 1000 gravity with a ton in clothes weight and run around like nothing I might say he could land a hit or two
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