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Joining the life of Kpop with bring stupid people who say things like
"So they're Chinese right"
"They all look the same"
"but they dont even speak english"
"So they're like a Korean version of *insert english band*"
I dont even say anything back to them at this point What are some things you guys get, because this isn't even half of the comments I get.
I ALWAYS get "they look like girls!"
I get all sorts of shit like this from my brother! He sucks. He says basically everything mentioned in this card and every other stupid thing you could imagine an ignorant person saying lol. This is what I have to live with T_T
sometimes people say something like they are Koreans y are you watching them or their language is weird or do you understand them ? But I answer them saying I am learning their language.
One thing I've gotten is that if some of my music plays out loud and some rude tire gum hears they'll "imitate" them by saying "ching chong". I get so mad!
While I understand some of the comments people make about kpop groups, the one that bothers me the most is the "they don't even speak English" one. Because the truth is, they don't have to. Their main demographic is their home country; South Korea. They only do some English as part of their marketing process. If it wasn't that kpop sells well and is popular in English speaking countries, producers wouldn't even consider us as part of their now growing demographic. So I completely understand that they don't speak English, and I'm grateful some idols are willing to learn it.
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