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I always knew there would be another Harry Potter installment. I was a bit shocked to hear that Daniel Radcliffe will not be continuing the films. What are your thoughts? Will the movie be any good without him, or do you think someone can pick up where he left off? Check out the article from movieweb.com with the link below the title picture.
@shannonl5 yes he has done well outside of Harry Potter. Same for Rupert and Emma.
@shannonl5 I think you are right that he is trying get to make a name for himself, as a fan I am just sad at his choice. Radcliffe was recently interviewed and stated he felt it would be weird watching someone else play the role of Harry Potter.
@Bri26 I think so to, since it is a continuation and Harry should will be older. I think there will be some aspects of Radcliffes Harry we will miss.
I read that it was a stage production, not a movie. I was so sad I couldn't see it! But if this is true I can! Yay!
@k8wnba20 yeah! I'm glad. they worked so hard, they deserve it. I really liked Daniel in Horns :D
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