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Hey, Vinglers! ChelseaJay here, submitting my first contribution to Noona November. So without further ado, let's talk about this cards topic: The Golden Maknaes. When I think of young male idols that I feel deserve major appreciation, these two idols are always the first to come to mind: Jeon Jungkook & Kim Yugyeom. Not only are they two of main biases within their perspective groups, BTS & GOT7, but to me they have the total package when it comes to being an idol. They can rap, they can sing and they can dance their little asses off. To top off their many talents, they are visually pleasing as well.

1997/09/01. Jeon Jungkook. Maknae, Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper.

I'm not even gonna talk much about Kookie, because honestly I could go on for days just fangirling over his voice as well as his dance skills. They don't call him the golden maknae for nothing. So just sit here and be swept away by his many talents in these videos. Also, consider spazzing over the rest of BTS a bonus.

1997/11/17. Kim Yugyeom. Maknae, Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper.

Now I couldn't say much about Kookie earlier, but I definitely can't talk about Gyeomie. You guys would be reading for days because I am just that in awe over this boy soon-to-be man. Now fans don't call him a Golden Maknae, I kind of gave him that title myself, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it. Yugyeom is amazing and extremely talented. Hands down, he is my number one bias in GOT7 and he earned that spot with his talents alone. His good looks were definitely a plus. And don't even get me started on his stage presence. It's like I just know he's there. But that's an entirely new card so just appreciate these video of him being the talented fuckboy that his is. As before with Kookie, you all get bonus GOT7.
With love! From me and these dorks. Question: Which Maknaes do you consider Golden? Answer in the comments below.
@sherrysahar oh kyuhyun is a good pick! Although his dancing somehow always has me cracking up. I don't know why lol We all know Kookie is perfect. But I feel like Yugyeom does get overlooked and he definitely should have this title, although I don't think he popped out of the gate with his singing ability 100% but he's definitely reached it.
Yugyeom is one I'd call a golden maknae. I also think of Taemin and Gongchan
Taemin, Sehun, and Jungkook all golden maknaes!
jungkook all the way😂😍😍😍
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