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Mine was Just One Day. I was on YouTube and I remembered that my friend recommended that song. So I searched it and watched the music video. I thought it was beautiful and well put together. I also fell for the first rapper in the song (Suga). So yeah, that's my story. What's yours? Tell me in the comments.
mine was bulletproof. they have been in my heart since the begging and I will stay with them until the end! ❤❤
War of hormones that's where I fell in love with v
Mine was Boys in Luv❤❤ I was just staring with kpop and they appeared in some of the recommendation lists and I just loved in I fell for the WHOLE MAKNAE LINE😍😍 Jiminie, Kookie, Taehyung
no more dream wayyyyy back xD
We are bulletproof pt. 2 was my first BTS song. I was just watching YouTube and came across their dance practice video and I been a fan ever since.
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