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www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
You guys, there is a promo clip for the RMPW Special!!! I'll give you the link. If only I could understand what they are saying.... It's only a week away :D Enjoy!
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Someone could translate the preview ? I really want to know what they talking about ^^
The SP will air on April 1st at 9pm Japan time. Talk about april fool!! This better not be an april's fool joke lol. Can someone give me another link? I can't see the video because of copyright block
I found another link on youku, they are speaking really fast but at the end there's Makoto's voice saying: Is this the end? and Tohru: Yea it's the end. I'm sure it's just the producer pulling our legs >_<