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These amazing boys will steal your heart read with caution
Myungsoo aka L is tied for 3rd out of my infinite bias list. I mean what isn't to love about the unpredictable Myungsoo. He acts like a cold city boy, but we all know he is just the opposite. He has a big heart and worries so much, It broke my heart watching him cry in their world tour dvd. We love you Myungsoo!!
Tied with Myungsoo is our forever choding Sungyeol. He never fails to bring a smile to my face and I love how close him and Myungsoo are with each other. I love how he gets excited so easily and is a great mood maker
It's so hard to put them in order!!! I feel like it's different everyday with these amazing Oppas! But after Sungyeol is the dancing machine H to the Oya Hoya. He tries so hard at everything he does to make sure it's perfect. I love him and Dongwoo together and plus the fact Hoya is an amazing actor I loved him in replay 1997 I watched it because I found out he was in it and I feel in love even more.
Next would be the sassy manke Sungjong. He is always getting picked on by the older members, but when it comes down to what really matters he is very loved and loves his hyungs very much.
And last but definitely not least would be the amazing leader. Sunggyu all the members mess with him, but they all really look up to him and how well he handles everything. They know he will always have their back and that's why I love him. He is always there when they need something and he always tries his best to make sure the fans and the members are enjoying everything together. I feel like to infinite inspirits and more than just a paycheck we are all in this together and they truly care for the fans. This is some of the reasons I am proud to call myself an Inspirit!
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