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South Korean girl group “RaNia” has recently announced the addition of an African-American member, Alexandra Reid. While it’s obvious that she was added to make the group more marketable to Western audiences, it’s still a big step in a direction no other group has gone before. There are a plethora of K-pop groups that utilize members of different nationalities and ethnicities: EXO, Super Junior, F(x), 2PM, GOT7—the list could go on. What these members have in common, though, is that they are all of Asian descent. South Korea is a very homogenous country, and if groups are going to include other members, it seems that they at least want to choose people of similar cultures, languages, and appearances....
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I love this post, and I'll be keeping an eye out for RaNia and supporting them in this big step! ✊👏👏
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now i can be a kpop idol too thank you Alex!
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i for one am happy there's a non-Asian person debuting realistically. so many show I've watched & idols influences are black Americans so I think this is good. many old school r&b producers are doing Kpop & jpop now because pop music on the US isn't "there" anymore. I like how everything is starting to cross over. like if you want to be global you have to accept new faces. it's why I want ANY Asian ethic person to succeed in the US.
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