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Doctors in Korea ofter prescribe Hwangjegambitan to treat obesity. The Hwangjegambitang herbal decoction helps increase metabolism to burn and release body fat, while making the blood clean. On the days he visited the clinic, he was also treated with acupuncture to help burn fat. In Oriental medicine, the focus of weight loss is not so much on reducing one's appetite or eliminating fat from parts of the body; it is more about changing the physical constitution to promote higher metabolism, which ultimately helps make the body healthier. I am not quite sure where to find this special type of drink, but I will keep my out for it now. If I find it and start using it, I will give you an update about it. Has anyone else out there tried it. Perhaps I will add it to my global diets plan :)
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I feel like the only reason this stuff works is because it has a stimulant that causes you to either pee a lot or poo a lot. lol