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Words can't describe the amount of pain and sadness that overwhelms the world at this moment, but I just wanted to acknowledge that things are different. Much like with September, 11th, and countless other terror attacks, the world is at a standstill.
I just wanted to extend my deepest sympathies to our French Vinglers, wherever you are. I also just wanted to extend gratitude to all Vinglers, my friends, my family and anyone who is going through a state of loss and shock right now. It's a cold blooded bummer to sit down at the keys and try and come up with some sweeping metaphor to explain what it all means, or whose to blame, or what we can do to help...but I just can't.
I can't come up with an explanation, or what we can learn. All I know is that people were killed at a rock concert, something that always seemed like heaven to me. The perfect evenings where music filled the air and nothing mattered but the sound of our friends and the bands we were watching.
Humans were killed during their day to day activities, while attending a soccer match, while visiting a restaurant. These are things we do every day.
Nothing is sacred. Things change. But one thing is for certain, we will stand with Paris. We will support and love one another. We will be thankful, respectful and vigilant. We will not negotiate with hate. We will set aside our differences and try to become a more whole universe. My soul goes out to all the people who lost their lives, their loved ones, and the citizens of Paris. Dealing with this kind of tragedy is something people should never be prepared for. To hope for peace, could be futile at this point...but it doesn't hurt to try.
I write every single day, and today I could barely think. As a journalist, blogger...whatever, it's necessary for me to dissect events, prepare the audience for sheer doom, and try and make things seem like they can make sense. To comfort those who may not be so sure what this all means...this doesn't help. There is no explanation as I said before. Nobody will provide an answer. Senseless violence is exactly that. Whatever whoever did this stands for is irrelevant. They are evil, pure and simple. There is no room for evil in a peaceful society. That just means we aren't there yet. It breaks my heart. There is nothing else we can say.
Hug your loved ones today. Call your friends. Be kind. Do good. And above all else: Stand for something.
Take a moment for those who are no longer with us due to this horrific violence, and take the steps necessary to make each day better than the last.
Bless all of you Vinglers, and your families. I hope you all are safe.

With absolute sorrow, and hope:

it's a tragedy for all citizens everywhere..hate is the ugliest emotion on this planet and cowardly actions such as what happened in Paris is not going to stop the world from in peace those who were taken and comfort and strength to those who survived...we will overcome#Paris strong
It's an ugly incident. There is no religion allowed to happen .religion develop the spirit and the whole broadcast, hope, security. and building but this work, under the guise of policies and greed get in the centers of power And kill innocent people and destroy the country, ensconced behind religions
The time is now to pray and seek God. Only He can keep us safe.
My mom put on the news, and that was the only thing they're talking about. I just wonder how sad half my school is going to be tomorrow
I'm speechless, my heart goes out to the victims and their families..... I don't understand why the senseless attacks? What could they possibly hope to achieve from this?
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