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[COMEBACK STAGE] VIXX Chained Up 빅스, 사슬, Show Music Core 20151114
@kpopandkimchi can you please calm your husband?!?!? He's freaking killing me here with his body waves!!! And not only did they look hot and dance sexually but THEY WERE SWEATY!!! S-W-E-A-T-Y!!! UGHHHHH!!! THEY HAVE TO SERIOUSLY STOP BEFORE I SERIOUSLY CHAIN THEM UP FOR REAL!!!
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@KarlythePanda66 It should be! Should we sue them for being just too much?!
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@KpopGaby Yes we should!!
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What attracted me to VIXX was Hongbins low voice...HE HAS STRUCK ME ONCE AGAIN
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@Baekyeol27 I guess they noticed how girls like died because of it, and he wanted to kill more of us.
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