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So I've seen a few people posting what their wallpaper and lock screens are so I thought I would too and challenge others to do it as well! The first pic is Kotegawa Yui from to Love Ru and that is my home screen my lock screen is Yu Yu Hakusho Inspired by: @FabianValles @chocolate0197 @JessLynn258 Check out their cards to see what they posted! I'd appreciate if you tag me as well so I can find all your cards and clip them!
Tag people in your own card who you want participate as well! Thanks for reading my card and have a great day! Ja ne
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@Thatperson512 I got it on an app called anime gallery
do we post them here?
stupid question but can I post? im kinda new to this so Im still figuring it out
@Vicedice312 @Straightshooter You should create your own card and post them to re Japanese Anime Community
i actually dont have an anime background right now.. but when i did it was fairytail, final fantasy, or swordart backgrounds mostly. but for now its just winter scenery.. i love scenery backgrounds!