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According to VB. Com "The release of Fallout 4 is easily one of the biggest of the year. Publisher Bethesda released some early sales data today, and it confirmed that it has already shipped 12 million copies of the game. The postapocalyptic adventure is also one of the most played PC games ever, according to data from the digital-distribution platform Steam. At its peak, more than 400,000 people were all playing Fallout 4 at the same time, and that number regularly rests around 350,000. You gotta think that a few of those Fallout fans also spend some time on Pornhub … or maybe you don’t have to think about that." - VB. Com
::stats from porn hub ::
Do you think that a good game like Fallout 4 can cause a drop in traffic for the site? How can they base their claim on the release of the game? Are they alluding that most gamers watch porn when they do not have a good game to play. Oh and how did they get their data? Did they ask everyone who has Fallout 4, what they were doing before the game came out.
For me, personally if there is a game that I wanted did not come out yet, I watching Netflix or playing a older game that I love. Or better yet, going outside and doing something outside-ish (no that is not a word lol, totally made that up on the fly) ✨✨So, what do you guys and gals do while waiting for the came you want to come out?
lol I wouldn't be surprised if a few people called in sick to work to...
don't have fallout 4... but if I did, I'd be playing it now at 1am. instead... I'm here....