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Hey guys sup this is kalyan I wanted to know what was the first thing that came up in your mind when you saw fairytail. when I first started watching I started jumping around and was very funny and the concept of dragon slayer just amazed me to see his power of fire. Let me know the first thing you thought of while watching fairytail. Let me know in the comments section below. Until next time bye
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uhhhhh.... *gets to episode 2* OMFG I LOVE THIS *now on episode 243* lol how the Fairy love can go haha
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@Ng98 haha I know the feeling and at this point im at the *Loves waaaayyyy beyond the stop of normal cause of all the epicness and adventures*
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During the first few minutes I was saying "oh wow, that man has a nice voice" and then "blondie with the keys and pinky. I'm calling it." xD
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i loved and still do natsus motion sickness
2 years ago·Reply
Kawaii cats and firebreathing natsu
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