@thePinkPrincess is a cutie and tagged me in this challenge where we share our phone backgrounds and lock screens if they are k-pop related. The picture above is my lock screen, and it's a comeback promotional photoshoot for Four Walls, specifically of Amber Liu. Because wife goals. And her tattoo is showing. Ugh. And hair goals. And the slide to unlock is really suggestive... I just noticed this.
My background is Yak Daddy because I'm currently in love with him. He is so freaking cute and I love his hair here. #yakpak
Too lazy to tag anyone, but I hope everyone that KitKat tagged does this if they haven't already.
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@ChelseaJay lol i dunno girl. It's totally different now tho. Now I have Jooheon and Yongguk instead lol.
lol. I still have the same screensaver but a different morgan pic now too.
@ChelseaJay understood. Too much cuteness to only stay with one picture too long. Gotta rotate to get the full effect.
@baileykayleen right haha but I'm tempted to change Suga to Yak Daddy.
BOBBBYYYYYYYY AHHHHH Me and him are getting marrried we already live together