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My ultimate bias Ravi. 33
He's my home screen too.
Yeah, I know that feeling, I love T.O.P too, but one day Ravi jumped to #1 on my list. I don't remember when he became my bias he just did. I thought he was hot in the chained up music video too. 😍
That's the way my wallpaper is too. Ravi is also my ultimate bias. I love him.
Ravi's orange hair in On and On really got me for some reason. Leo was my bias when I first saw Hyde (ooh that long hair). But when I watched On and On, I lost it. And he was cemented in my bias list when I saw the dance practice video the posted as a christmas present for I got a boy. I just love them so much.
He was one of three (T.O.P from big bang and Eunhyuk from suju being the other two competing for first), but when chained up came out, he just burnt the list and jumped to #1.