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My 30 Day Kpop Challenge - Day 1
My favorite Kpop guy group is EXO! No competition!
How can you not love them? They're literally perfect πŸ’—πŸ’—
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@ParkHaru yes same I've pretty much learned the whole alphabet but now I just need to learn how to stack or whatever and the actual words lol
@sehunsdeerlu yes! I know the alphabet and how to arrange the blocks, but I'm still not sure of conjugations and grammar and of course I need to learn words! Lol. I do have a pretty good site I'm using though if you want me to send you the link!
@sehunsdeerlu I'm going to send it to you in a message! Did you know there's a messaging system here? Because I didn't!
@ParkHaru I did but I've never used it! Lol that's probably a better idea than spamming the comments