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For those of you who don't know who this is, this beautiful human is Peniel Shin. But let me start from the beginning...
When I first started getting into Kpop, I fell in love with this wonderful group called BToB. I didn't want to attempt to pronounce their names, so my cousin and I kinda gave them nicknames. Minhyuk - Bunny Hyunsik - Kitten Changsub - Jumpy Fish (I think...) Sungjae - Sunny Peniel - Pen Eunkwang - Ducky Ilhoon - Angel But of course that didn't last long, I caught on pretty quick.
ANYWAY, I was watching The Winters Tale MV and pointed him out. I asked my cousin who it was. Our conversation went like this: Her: I think it's Shin Me: No I'm pretty sure it's Pen Her: Nope, it's Shin Me: No, but it's Pen... Her: I'm positive it's Shin Me: It's totally Pen though!! Me: Oh, I googled it. We're both right Her: What? How? Me: Pen IS Shin. His name is Peniel Shin...
I cannot get enough of these silly boys! I love them so much!! Can I please have Ilhoon? Okay, thanks. So I just wanted to share that with you because maybe someone will find it entertaining.
I love BTOB too. My daughter and I give some of the different idols nicknames too. I feel better that we're not the only ones. For.example, we call Super Junior' s Shindong Fluffy.
when u trip and there's this one dude smiling chuckling at u...... hmmmmmmm!