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When Anime Hits It On The Head!

So, I've got this friend... Actually, my best friend, only second to my soul mate. And very, very recently, after 5 years, we said the "L" word. *collective gasp*. Besides family, in the 20.16 years I've been alive, I've only seriously told two people that I've loved them. And I've only told two people that I loved them THIS way. One of the biggest differences is that she'll be the one to send things like the first picture, while I'll send things like the second picture! I think the third picture is a perfect match to our friendship and maybe, possibly soon-to-be relationship. However, we petty fight a lot. And it's gotten us into some.... Trying, tense times in our friendship. And the other day, whilst watching Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (which is the best 6 episodes of anime I've ever watched, by the way) when the following scene happened, and I had just watched it after an argument with her that stopped us talking for a day or so. I just thought it was so funny, both the scene and how you always find relatable things after something happens! Plus, this anime is amazing! 10/8 gr8, m8!
"You're already mad, stupid!" Hahaha best thing ever!
"Then why are we having this fight?!" "I have no idea!" Exactly! Sheesh! Except for the kissing part. That's how I would want to solve things lol Maybe one day? "If you've had a bad day, don't take it out on me... Unless we're both naked."
haha that would be a great way to end a fight. yeah fights happen....even between friends.
😌wow, that's a way to end a fight
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