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While at a fanmeet in Manila, Philippines. Youngjae was standing really close to the edge of the stage because he wanted to be closer to I GOT7s. He probably didn't know the fireworks was going to explode. And while on the stage, having fun with all of I GOT7s, the FIREWORKS EXPLODED! It's was seriously a close call for Youngjae. Read the full article here:
Here's the video! 😩
Awwh, I was really shocked! My heart jumped. I can't bare to see another GOT7 member hurt on injured. Not too long ago it was JB, read about it on my GOT7 collection. I'm so happy and grateful that my smiley Youngjae oppa is alright! But let's wish him to get well and rest a lot, because he may say he's okay but he's probably really frighten. After the fan meet, our Youngjae posted a video on his Instagram account saying he was okay. Here's the link for his video:
Love you Youngjae oppa. Feel better and rest well. Fighting! ❤️
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wow. Either the staffs didn't warn them about the fireworks or they forgot about the fireworks thingy. More like they haven't been warned consider the fact that most of them are standing near to the edge of the stage seconds before the incident. Poor Youngjae. Hopefully he's fine by now.