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I was tagged by @ChelseaJay and, yeah. Neither my lockscreen or wallpaper are anything special. Lol
This one is my wall paper. I use dodol so I tend to change themes from time to time. I've managed to keep this one the longest, I believe.
These are a few of my past wallpapers. ^^ When I had Daesung and CAP as my home screens, it was so hard to not unlock my phone just so I could stare at them. I am forever entranced by this picture of Minsoo and his tattoos. omg
This is my current lockscreen. I made it using linebrush and I forget the editing app. The quote is actually lyrics from the Chinese version of EXO's "Thunder." I forget which line, to be honest because I've had that as my lockscreen pretty much since the song came out. But yeah. I haven't really had any other lockscreen in such a long time. Lol It's only been like... months but that's a long time for me to keep one picture as a lock or home screen. x)
I don't know who to tag or who hasn't and who has done it but I'll give it a go. ^^; @kpopandkimchi @amobigbang @AimeeH @B1A4BTS5ever I am forever forgetting usernames that I don't see all the time. I'm sorry, guys. ㅠㅠ PS. Be on the lookout for another Noona November card soon. ♡
I'll do mine soon!
I just did it lol
@amobigbang No problem. I look forward to seeing it. :o
thanks for the tag I will do mine soon!
@ChelseaJay Thank you very much! 😶😁
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