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vegito every day all day
2 years ago·Reply
I have to say vegito
2 years ago·Reply
Vegito is still beast to me
2 years ago·Reply
Due to the Potara effect, Vegito could outlast Gogeta in a fight. However, both of them will want to test the true limit of the other. Also, considering that they're both tricksters, the fight would last a very long time. With this being said, Gogeta's fusion timer most likely would've been up and both Goku and Vegeta would go back to normal. This leaves them in a more vulnerable state whilst Vegito has the power advantage. Although, if Goku and Vegeta the cooperate perfectly, they have a small chance to defeat Vegito. However, this is unlikely.
2 years ago·Reply
And yes I did notice my grammar mistake(s).
2 years ago·Reply