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If your friends were from a K-pop group
So I was just messing around and watching some videos and had a fun idea which resulted in this card! This is also for those girls whose friends are all guys I know the feeling
The one who you know will have your back no matter what is who I think of when I think of GD. He's there for his group when they need him and one of the most sensitive of the group at times. He's the one you know that you could go to when you need a shoulder to cry on or when you need some back up. He's one of the ones you know you can male laugh and who can make you laugh.
He's the baby of your group, the one that everyone protects. He's the one you can tell all your secrets to and know that they wouldn't get out no matter what. You know that he will be there when something bad happens in your life and will be there when you need to cry. This young man, despite being the baby and the one you protect, is the one who protects you from your emotional hurts.
This is the one boy you know is there to make sure that your going to be okay. He's the one who will be your physical protector making sure that you will never be hurt when he is around. He's one of the more vocal or your friends and will be the first to respond to any kind of threat made to you and your friends. He isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty and works best with your silent protector.
This man is the silent protector of the group and the muscle though it doesn't look like it. He's the one who will stand behind your shoulder when things go South and will always be the steady hand that you need to settle you down. He's the quiet one who most people wouldn't expect to crack jokes when you and your friends are alone. He's the serious one who will help you study for an important test but also the one who you go to when you need someone to help you relax.
This is the complete goofball of the group. He's the one you all look to when a prank is made only to see his 'The cat got the Canary and the dog got blamed for it' look when his prank goes off right. He's the one you know will make everyone laugh with his antics. Thus is the guy you can go to when you need to have a nice laugh but also the one who gets serious when the time calls for it.
Despite all the different types of guys out there these are the ones that are the most common. These are the guys you know you can count on when it comes to it. These are the guys you wind up comparing all other guys to and when you find that no in can compare to them you have to settle on send best. So what are your thoughts? Don't be afraid to post them below!
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This is so beautiful 😂😭
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