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Did my first OCR at Temecula California! Helped a friend get through course as well! Was inspirational seeing all the random people there. Overweight and gaining confidence to better themselves to old and hitting that bucket list. Took second in a pull up competition doing 30 strict pull ups! Day Amazing!
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I love helping people with fitness. I am a big runner as well. Did cross country for 4 years.
Awesome. That's very inspiring. Are you still a runner?
This looks like a lot of fun! How do you sign up for it?
Am I the only one thinking hey look a handsome man? lol great job.
@alywoah I most definitely am. I run everyday. usually mornings then hiy gym in afternoons. @mchlyang and if your from California they are all over. Other states I don't know much of. But if you go online and looks up like.."tough mudder" or "spartan race" they are all over the USA. @AreliOlivares :) thank you for the compliment :)