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I recently finished it and I can honesty say that it is one of my newest favorite anime!
The anime itself is 24 episodes and has 2 opening and ending themes.
Quick Synopsis [don't worry no spoilers:)]
The story follows four friends, from left to right, Tsubaki Sawabe, Kaori Miyazono, Kousei Arima, and Watari Ryouta. As a child, Kousei dominated the piano competitions but after his mother died he became unable to play the piano. Then, one day Kousei meets a violinist named Kaori and his life begins to change. With Kaori's help, Kousei begins to return to the music scene.
Here are some reasons why you should, HAVE to, watch it:
1) The story. Of course you watch an anime for the story. I don't usually watch shojo or romance anime but my friends were raving about this anime so I thought I would give it a shot and it was a great decision! I really liked how there was romance in the anime but it wasn't too much of it or it wasn't overwhelming, which is why I don't really like romance anime... Anyway, the story is interesting and holds your attention until the very end.
2) The art. OMG this anime has great art, some of the best I've seen in a while. Whenever I watch anime I judge the art so harshly I sometimes stop watching it if I don't like the art.
3) The music. My favorite part of every anime is listening to the music. I love it when an anime has music that fits well with the story. The first opening "Hikaru Nara" by Goose House and the first ending "Kirameki" by Wacci are my favorites! :) And because this anime is about musicians there are piano and violin songs played throughout the anime.
Because of these reasons this anime is one of my favorites, and should be one of yours too!
This is my first card so if there was something I missed or something I should add next time I write a card please tell me in the comments!
P.S. I'm also looking for anime recommendations so if you have a good one please share!
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