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I would be Park Jimin from BTS! so I can stare at Jungkook(My Bias!) from what my usual height might be. Lol this is a joke because I am short, but honestly Jimin is taller than me XD. I am 5 foot and a half inch lol the sad life of short people! So I would be taller, yay! I would be older too (I am 18 right now)!And also I get his beautiful vocals, being a soprano 1 I usally have trouble hitting his notes, which I find funny! So I'd love that experience and also...Abs! But then I have no Jams :(. But that's okay because I get to be Park Jimin! I can also know how the choreography is fully, i can usually do most of it just sometimes I don't have everything exactly down. Also I can dance to touch my body with J-Hope! So that is a plus side! Also he has soft looking skin and get touch his photogenic skin all day if I wanted ^_^. Now that I think about it this could cool, but also scary. You get to be Jimin from BTS but it isn't like you get to touch because you are them. This is mind blowing XD! *starts listening to touch my body* perfect mood music! I started playing this ehen I entered the dorm hall with my non-kpop friend and started dancing! But that is another story, for another time. Hope you liked my "If you could be an Idol for a day..." First post ever and hopefully it will go down in history...like Rudolph. Too soon? Sorry It is almost midnight and I am tired. Haha see you guys!