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Yeap, you read that right! Not interested? Its ok, thats good. Interested, well, keep in reading. ~People, it's Sara once again! I have been feeling kind of in the mood for BTS lately -I have no idea why, maybe cause OF THE NEW COMEBACK THEY ARE HAVING THIS MONTH? WHO KNOWS?- and well, I though, Mm, maybe my fellow ARMYs are feeling it too, lately. So, I have decided to make a THING. Vingle calls it a card, I call it a THING. -I find it kinda interesting that this has been some sort of KPop blog of some events in my life, I just realized his FYI. Hopefully I'm entertaining you, and with my ideas making you have a, well, I call it a 'not so bad day after all'. Anyway, please, excuse this random thought. It just popped into my head.- This THING, is basically show you some of my favorite MVs -by the way, sorry if you don't like the songs, some people do, and well, I'm going with them- , a few of my favorite BroadCast Vids -again, sorry.- and a few BTS Episodes. Oh oh and dong forget to add a few pictures too! This is all either to make you feel better, or just to entertain you WHILE WE WAIT FOR THE GOSHDARN COMEBACK. OK OK, I'm cool, I'm cool....

Anyway, you good? Great, let's begin.


ITS CONFUSING. ARGH. As I said earlier, I'm starting off with some of my favorite MVs. Just to kinda pump you up. Start with a clear foundation -no, not the make up...... I don't even know anything about makeup. And my mom does makeup.... what?- about what we are talking about. Savy?Good. Let's start with BTSs sacred Jams. -And no. Not the jelly- -No More Dream (I swear RapMons rapping here is brilliant. That's all I'm saying) -We Are Bulletproof (THIS SONG CAN AND WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR HOURS. ITS SO CATCHY, OH MY GOD.) -N.O. (My version: We row, we row, we row. Everybody say no!) -Boy in Luv (Honestly they all look so cute here... With their suits and all) -Danger (YO! V CUT HIS BANGS OFF BY ACCIDENT ON THIS MV. IT WAS HILARIOUS WHEN EVERYONE FOUND OUT.) -War of Hormones (THIS SONG CAN AND WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR DAYS. DO NOT, I REAPEAT, DO NOT, SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU.) -I Need U (There will be a part two to this. This November. IN EXACTLY 15 MORE DAYS. WHY DO YOU THINK IM FREAKING OUT??) -Dope (as stated in the name, the MV, is, dope)
Great, now that you guys have seen -and hopefully are pumped up- the MVs, why don't we go to the dance practices? huh? Good, let's go. Same order, same song, dance practice. Oh and this other dance practice right after Danger -the practice is basically another one of Danger- where everyone seemed to be enjoying it besides Suga. But lets be real here, at the same time, basically the only thing that Suga enjoys is sleep.
Now, the broadcasts and bombs. Cause BTS isn't BTS with some stupid dorkiness around. -1min English with RapMon -I tried taking the originals from the V app, but the darned thing didn't let me. They are still good and precious though- -No explanation needed, just watch. -Cheerleader Jin. This is adorable from beginning to end. Seriously. Its one if the best. -How to Sleep, BTS style for dummies. 'Nuff said. -Throwback to when Jimin got Jams. -NEVER WAKE UP MIN YOONGI -Jimins and JHopes own rection to their MV Dope. Personally, this is hilarious. Especially if you pause the video and look at their faces. - When your whole house turns into a concert when your parents leave ft. JungKook. -Major throwback to Jimin, you got no Jams.

EPISODE TIME! Just saying.....

Now, here come the pictures.

Be warned, some may be adorable. Too much. Just FYI.

This is just adorable V.

And here you see the exact reaction of us ARMYs and me when I eat food. Meat is love, meat is life. *Please try to not think of the Shrek Video. I haven't even seen it, but people have told me about, I cut them off all the time....


Well, that's it folks.

Think that's enough.... . . . .

Nah, not really, I just ran out of room. But seriously, hopefully this will end you BTS hunger. Cause it certainly did to me.


But really, thank you all for taking your time to check this THING out. Hope it made you smile. My inbox is always open, as I keep saying.

Have a great night/day ARMYs!