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I have not once cried over a comeback, BUT B.A.P live comeback concert on the vapp had me bawling with happiness! I'm so glad they are back and in February they will be having a solo concert and a new mini album!! I really hope they come to the US I want to see them! I love B.A.P so much! I mean I don't have their logo tattoo on me for nothing!! So proud of them!! And side note here can one kpop group have there first comeback stage here in the US so we can experience the feel of seeing it in real life??
I bawled too! This was too perfect and I was sooo happy to see them back again I seriously hope they come to the US because that's a show I wouldn't miss
I wouldn't miss it for the world! @Jiyongixoxo
it would be cool if a kpop group would have their comeback in the US lol
It really would!! @SusiBosshammer