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Im real pumped up.
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It was so emotional and any time I caught Yongguk literally leaning on someone out of overwhelming happiness and emotion I cried.
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Ahhh!!! I saw this too! I teared up a little. So happy my oppas are back! 馃槶鉂わ笍
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So... my reaction was basically in these stages: 1) In shock when seeing all of the Matoki lights. But still okay. 2) When I heard Zelo say "THE KING IS BACK!" --- Freaking out --- 3) When I saw them on stage ---Holding my breath and freaking out--- 4) When they performed 'Warrior', 'Excuse Me' and 'No Mercy' ---hyperventilating and shaking--- 5) When they finished No Mercy, they first thing they said was "WE MISSED YOU!!!!" ---DEAD--- I didn't watch the whole thing because they started to perform their new songs and I didn't want to spoil anything.... haha. xD But yeah.... It was crazy. I was tearing up, but no tears actually really came out. There was just a lot of hyperventilating and just complete fangirl status. I feel like I was freaking out so badly because I was watching it LIVE. I love the V App SO MUCH. 馃挋
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their new songs I love them
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