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They came, I cried, they conquered, ㅠㅠ BAP's comback!!!

First off, they were amazing!!!! I can't even describe the feelings that happened. I felt so bad for Daehyun though, he was so nervous and when he was having trouble with the high notes he looked like he was about to cry :( But seemed more comfortable later and the notes we love we on point after that! The new album is also amazing!! I'm really looking forward to jumping around and listening to be happy ♡ I dunno about anyone else but when the audience was chanting encore and singing "With You" I started balling my eyes out. I feel like this song has a lot of emptions with it especially since BAP was on such a long break. You can also tell that BAP really cares about their fans. Even though they were exhausted and dripping in sweat, they still came back on stage and performed not one but two more songs. Let me know what you guys thought about the comback :)
@ARMYStarlight he grew up so much! him and Zelo are no longer babies hah
I just watched it...oh my no words for how amazing this was...Bap slays so much.... my jongup oh hot damn!!!!!!
@Exoexo haha definitely
It was soooo good!!! Only got 5 hours of sleep and it was so worth it!!!
@mouniq I'll pray for you too!! ♡
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