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As you know B.A.P's showcase was live on the V app about an hr ago!! (if you didn't know im so srry!)
B.A.P will release a mini album this upcoming February!! & they will have a solo concert in Seoul this February too!! (r.i.p international fansㅠㅠ)
B.A.P released new songs (i'll tell you them below!) during the live showcase & told us how the song (Young, Wild, & Free) had to do with there hardships in there 20's & how they brought all their stories together to make this song!! (srry if what i remember is wrong! ㅜㅜ)
So anyway if you didn't know the new songs are: "Young, Wild, & Free" "Blind" "Take You There" (this song was for babyz♡) & "Be Happy"
During the performance B.A.P performed all these songs (& more of course) & showed us the mv for young, wild, & Free!~
To finish this up even though i was not at the concert just watching it live was good enough for me & i even teared up at the ending with the performance of "With You" i didn't realize it had been this long since i have seen B.A.P perform or heard their voices everything went perfect & I'm so glad for them & for us babyz so B.A.P hwaiting!♡