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I've been meaning to make this list, more so for myself than anything. I'm starting to forget some of what I've already seen and read. Haha So.... Enjoy, and comment below. (:
Manga that I am either caught up on, or have completely finished. Soul Eater One Piece Fairytail Fullmetal Alchemist Naruto Attack on Titan
Manga I'm reading at the moment but haven't finished or caught up yet. Tokyo Ghoul Noragami The Seven Deadly Sins Hunter x Hunter Psyren Deadman Wonderland
Anime I have either finished or am caught up on. Naruto Tokyo Ghoul Hunter x Hunter Noragami One Piece The Seven Deadly Sins Soul Eater Fairytail FMA and FMAB Kill la Kill Akame Ga Kill SAO Brynhildr in the Darkness Attack on Titan Blue Exorcist I know there's more but I'm literally drawing blank right now.