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Honestly. I like the way Naruto and Sasuke started. They used to be such enemies and hated each other but they slowly started pushing each other past their limits. They love to challenge it other, which is cute. It's funny how their first kiss was each other and how Naruto protects Sasuke no matter what. Best Friends Till The End!! HOW DOES YOUR BEST FRIEND INFLUENCE YOU? _Jizeru
She introduced me to Yaoi......
well, rather than hate each other they were more envious of the other <3
my best friend influences me to keep fighting for what I want and I push him to be more of an asshole haha
@GoofyLibra1432 // I see your point of view but I still see Sasuke as Narutos best friend since he could've killed Naruto when he was younger in their fight, but he chose not to because of their bond.
@gabbycalzada Yeah. I've been corrupted by too much Jonjou Romantica and sappy A.U fanfics. Most of my friends are the same.
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