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Naruto and Sasuke 馃槅
Honestly. I like the way Naruto and Sasuke started. They used to be such enemies and hated each other but they slowly started pushing each other past their limits. They love to challenge it other, which is cute. It's funny how their first kiss was each other and how Naruto protects Sasuke no matter what. Best Friends Till The End!! HOW DOES YOUR BEST FRIEND INFLUENCE YOU? _Jizeru
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@gabbycalzada True. So true. But literally, my best memories of me and my best friend are the times she brought the contraband (yaoi) to eighth grade lunch.
@gabbycalzada Yeah. I've been corrupted by too much Jonjou Romantica and sappy A.U fanfics. Most of my friends are the same.
I got my friend to see high school dxd... I saw him the next day and he look like shit I like how anime is addictive