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Sometimes something comes along and gives you a push. Can be a mentor, a teacher (who selflessly go out there way to help you), can be a friend (true friend ), person of The Authority (like my family in whole) even a pet family member. (trust me, had a Grey Congo parrot.) Danm smart parrot! Goku is just this example, selflessly going out his way, helping to make you laugh, or just have a good time. I like the ideology of people being like that and more. So guess I fell in that category. What you think?
Goku was always an amazing character. Personality, kindness, strength and power, even his airheadedness sometimes, all turned him into the character who we all love and inspires us today. :)
yeah I agree he can be so dense at times but that's just who he is. Can love him, or hate him. I love that side of him, even when he is in tough situations he never waivers from threats.
I agree, goku is awesome. and almost every one can relate in some way
yea you might be right.
I agree with this a lot, Goku was a inspiration to me growing up and still is to this day. He has a more positive effect on my life than most people I've met in rl
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