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Even though I'm tired cause I stayed up to watch their showcase which I fell asleep through cause of lagging. any who I was still up at 8 to catch some of ikons countdown before this one started. They were the best thing to wake up too.
Ah true i can't imagine the intensity of the emotions running through them right now
Me too. I think it just they have done a performance in a year in a half just an out and they are probably crashing from the adrenaline rush from being on stage.
O.O now i hope they didn't overwork themselves
Seriously!? it could've been my wifi then but idk all i know is they need to rest i need to rest they were amazing even though Zelo and Jongup kept shying away
@Nikkitty yea. I had to go to data on my phone cause with my wifi it kept lagging
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