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Apparently, the treatment for weight loss in Korea is not as simple as drinking a magic potion. It seems to have to parts to it: herbal decoction and acupuncture. The basic components of weight loss through traditional Korean medicine are use of herbal decoctions and acupuncture to improve a patient's physical constitution. Herbal decoctions help internal organs maintain balance, and reinforce the functions of the heart, lung, kidney, and colon, which require energy to activate calorie consumption and metabolism. Decoctions also control the autonomic nerve impulses that trigger appetite, minimizing hunger sensations that may arise during weight loss. Herbal decoctions used for weight loss are based on mild herbal ingredients; thus, long-term consumption of herbal decoction is safe and does not negatively affect health. Acupuncture treatment heightens caloric consumption so that fat accumulated in the body can be burned faster. The effects of acupuncture are outstanding and have been supported by studies demonstrating that 'in weight loss, acupuncture treatment is more effective than work-outs.' Fat accumulated in the body turns into water and energy, so acupuncture treatment does not result in fatigue or loss of strength while weight loss is in progress.
I've done the acupuncture before for other injuries, but never for weight loss. It has worked for my other injuries, so I believe it will work for your weight problems.
@avin--I am thinking about trying some of these Korean methods~~It's called Rachelina takes on Global Diets for a reason. lol ^_^
I have always wanted to try acupuncture, but I am too afraid of needles T.T
are you going to try any of these Korea methods to lose weight?