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So I sent this to my friend who's a BTS fan but she's in training still and this was what she said
Excuse her French lol
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@xsandos17 my friend is the same way! Haha sometimes I wonder if I should let her get into kpop as deep as I am or save her before it's too late 😂
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@LexTay327 naw, don't bother to save her. there is plenty of room for rookie/trainee Kpop fans
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I memorized exo in two days, it took my a week or two to get down all of bts. I don't know what's wrong with me.
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@sarcasticme101 it took me a week for GOT7 and Super Junior and two days for ASTRO and BTS. It's taking me 5 months just to learn EXO 😆😂
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